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Logo and Graphic World Maps

Please check this great website with a World Mosaic created from not less than 1001 Web 2.0 logos (what are these anyway?).

AppAppeal World Web2.0 Logo Map

Another great way of not only putting logos on a world map, but also transforming well-known brand logos to country logos is this world map of logos by a well-known UK graphic designer I should know the name of (sorry, I’ll have to look up his name on my computer at home).


I might not know the name of the designer of this excellent graphic, but in my quest of finding his name and some of his great other work, I did come across some other form of graphic world map.

Not exactly logos, but also an elegant graphic display of the world, now being composed of top level domainnames, for short: tld’s. Please click the image so that you can do find the author of this work.

If you have any other cool logo or excellent graphic forms of world maps, please post a comment below or drop me line! Of course you can also turn the whole thing round and might have some additions to this collection.

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  1. Posted August 3, 2009 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    Okay, I finally came round and remembered I owed you the name of the brilliant country logos. Luckily it was still on my harddrive at home. The artist is: Scott Wotherspoon. Please check his great portfolio at