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Helvarial Quizz

Ironic Sans has just put up a great Quizz in which you have to specify whether the typeface in the presented logo is either a Helvetica or an Arial. As a lot of you might and even should know both Helvetica and Arial are almost equal typefaces, but show really tiny, though significant differences. The [...]

What’s your logo-IQ?

Ever wondered what your logo-IQ is? I don’t think you have. I think right now you’re thinking my ‘logo-what?’. Well, in fact it’s really not that important nor interesting to know. There are companies though that do find it very interesting and important to know how well their logos score in a logo-IQ test like [...]

Can you name the logos?

Name the companies behind each logo. Continue with part 2. I got 27/36 & 26/36. Share your scores in the comments! [found via Coudal]