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The new Pepsi logo

The new pepsi logo
Already many times discussed at f.i. Brand New and LogoDesignLove ánd made fun of (brilliantly by Lawrence Yang) there’s not really much to say anymore about the new 2009 Pepsi logo. Some like it, calling it a smiley or Pac-Man, some utterly disliking it, calling it a p*nis or, like Yang, suggesting it’s a fat tummy. Like it or dislike it, the new logo certainly arouses reactions all over the Net and I have not even seen it in real life yet! Not until very recently in 2009 it did not even show on; while the buzz was already out and wide spread among blogs at the end of 2008. For a moment I even doubted it there really was a new logo. The logo could just be created by someone and posted on a blog, the images of cans and bottles with the logo rendered with the help of a 3D ray-tracing program, etc. Confusion all over. That alone might have justified another rebranding by Pepsi.

Personally I think Arnell Group did a very good job. The new logo is clean, smiling at you and very well to apply on packaging, vehicles and everything else that’s brandable. I like the new thin typeface very much. Pepsi doesn’t look like a brand from the 80s anymore. In times of rebranding every single logo to a web2.0 version, I think Arnell, not conforming with these ‘new trends’, beautifully transformed the 3d Pepsi circle to a stylish flat and strong logo.

Like many others I could talk on forever about the new Pepsi logo, how it’s been differently used for Pepsi’s different products, it looks like a Korean logo, etc., or we can all just see how well the new logo is appreciated…

Of course you can also leave a comment with your thoughts about the logo right here.

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