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Brand Branding

1340 Brand beer bottle labelThe Brand Beer label evolution overview that’s new in the Design Cases at is based on a poster I once saw, and grabbed… Ohhkay, sounds like I have to confess now…

About 5 years ago on a Friday afternoon I was doing an ‘after-work-drink’ with my very good friend Leighton (from RED) in our favorite pub the Wijnhaven in Delft. As Leighton is a Welshman and just like in England, in Wales the pubs close at 11pm sharp, Leighton always sees to it, by 11pm we have enough alcohol consumed to be, as Leighton calls it, completely ‘pissed’. To achieve this goal and not to be constantly ordering drinks at the bar, we always drink pints together.

No other deal this Friday, except that it was exceptionally good weather and that everybody, included ourselves, were sitting outside at the terrace in the beautiful city center of Delft. Being served by our favorite Wijnhaven waitress and having our favorite dish served, the Wijnhaven saté, the beers tasted great that evening.

2004 Brand beer bottle labelDrinking beers always makes me go to the toilet and once you start, it’s hard to stop. On my first way to the toilets in the basement of the pub, I saw a very cool poster, displaying the beer bottle label evolution of the Brand beer brand. No I did not steal it. Not immediately. Not until many drinks later and many toilet visits later, I started to think how cool this poster would serve as input on…
Because it was such beautiful weather and because Leighton always makes sure we start drinking early enough, at the time I was completely ‘pissed’, everybody was still sitting outside enjoying the weather. Because of this there really was nobody in the Wijnhaven itself, and that’s where and when I saw my chance… The poster was mine.

Next Monday I took the folded poster to work and put it in our new super deluxe scanning device, this machine uploaded it to my desktop and then … nothing. For many years really nothing happened, until yesterday I came across these scans on my computer and thought about the heroic act in acquiring this super design case material. So I put it in the Photoshop shredder et voilá, we got ourselves a new Design Case, Enjoy!

I hope sharing this great Brand material with you all makes up for my theft…

Leigthon, I miss you (and our drinks) in Holland, hope to visit you soon in Italy!

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  1. Posted February 12, 2009 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Just for the record and to my future employer, of course I didn’t nick it. I just asked our favorite waitress. I can be quite charming when I’ve had a couple of drinks.